About sleepy pup And Our Products

The Bedding Idea

Sheets aren't sewn onto your bed, so why are they sewn on your dog's bed? That question, along with the high price and boring selection of large breed dog beds, led to the creation of the first prototype sleepy pup bed more than a decade ago. Most dog beds had sewn on covers which are a hassle to clean and force you into one color or pattern as long as you own the bed. Even if the cover is removable, the bed size is usually non-standard and you cannot purchase additional covers. Our lab Trier still snoozes on that prototype bed (along with a few others throughout the house), which speaks to our durability.

We originally started selling dog bed covers in 2014, and have since expanded our offerings to collars, leashes, full beds, with many hand-crafted one of a kind items made of unique fabrics and materials.

Trier at the Beach