Collection: Thick Leather Dog Collars

Looking for a thick leather collar that your dog will love? If your dog wore the same collar for a long time, finding a new one they’ll love just as much is an art and science. And if you’re making the first order to transition a puppy to dog collars for the first time, you want a collar that can keep up for years to come. 

Meet the favorite collars of dogs everywhere. 

Wide Leather Dog Collar Made for Comfort and Performance

Our leather dog collars are made with simple, stylish latigo leather with understated stitching, all handcrafted and treated to soften the leather without sacrificing strength. 

On one hand, you get thickness that can stand up to your roughest playtimes. But you also get a sturdy, high-style wide leather dog collar that announces your dog is the most fashionable pup in the park. 

We also offer dog collars for every neck size. Whether you have a doberman or a teacup poodle, there’s a size to fit every dog’s neck comfortably. Our sizing is offered by general breed sizes (large, medium, and small), so check individual dog collars for details. 

Plus, with sturdy hardware like a welded D ring and chrome plated buckles, you can always count on our collars to keep your pup contained while also looking smart. 

Our collars are available in a variety of colors, from gray to burgundy to classic dark brown leather. 

Ready to Order a Collar with Quality You Can Feel?

Isn’t it time to invest in leather dog collars you and your pup will both adore? Dogs will love the comfort, and owners will love the style and security. 

Ready to order your dog’s new favorite collar? Just measure your dog’s neck size and check out our available collars to get started.