Avocado Lime Crema: Better Than Guac at Everything

I never understood the die-hard passion people have for guacamole. I’ll eat it, but it’s just kind of boring and the flavor isn’t there for me. My wife and I got spoiled living in Dallas as we had access to so many great Mexican and Tex-Mex places we could walk to from our condo. One evening we were having dinner at Urban Taco when I stumbled across Avocado Lime Crema. While it’s been around quite a while, I had never really seen it for whatever reason until then. It certainly doesn’t seem to be a staple in the strip mall Mexican joints you see around the country. You know the ones I’m talking about, that have a menu a mile long but everything tastes nearly identical.

After tasting Avocado Lime Crema for the first time though, I was hooked. It’s got a creamy texture, great avocado flavor that isn’t overwhelming, and hints of lime and cilantro that pair well with a ton of food. It dips really well with chips, vegetables, pretzels, and numerous other dip-friendly foods, but it’s so much more versatile. It’s great on virtually any taco, especially fish tacos. It’s a great burrito addition. It pairs well as a topping over marinated flank steak, grilled chicken, or white, flaky fish like Mahi-Mahi. It even goes well with baked potatoes. If you’re feeling adventurous you could probably find tons of other dishes it would mesh well with.
On top of it all, it’s decently healthful too. In any case, here’s the recipe. If you want it slightly less stiff and a little creamier, you can substitute sour cream for the greek yogurt. It’ll add another ~300 calories though.

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